EntepriseOne Tools


General reporting tool written in JDE EnterpriseOne environment that can produce a report just based on a setup of a user, supports export to MS Excel with color formatting, each row/column/cell can be based on any table or business view in EntepriseOne, the tool is extremely efficient and fast. With this tool you can create or update existing report in minutes without any knowledge of development tools, after the changes the report is immediately available for users. More information: JDE FASTR
Statements and Declarations Tool

This reporting tool is a simplified version of JDE FASTR, it is mainly used for different types of statements, cash flow reports, reports generated for revenue authorities etc. The report has only 2 columns, one contains the description and the other one contains the value. The value may be retrieved from any table in the EntepriseOne using any criteria. More information: JDE Statements and Declarations


JdeAnalyzer is an external program that can identify performance problems of an EnterpriseOne application or report. It analyzes the generated jdedebug.log and provides information about the list of SQL statements and called business functions with impact on the overall performance. Based on this information an experienced developer should be able to improve the performance of most of the programs (based on my experience the corrected program may be up to 99% faster especially if it was not developed with respect to performance, in most cases the improvement is around 30-40%).

Apart from this JdeAnalyzer can also show data from tables or views (similar to UTB) but it offers more possibilities on how to select the data (for example date range for a field) and sequence the data. Also the current view setup may be saved for later use.

More information: Jde Analyzer.


A simple external program that can obfuscate an EnterpriseOne BSFN. Obfuscated code is difficult to understand for humans but not for C compiler, this tool may be used to protect your know-how in C functions.

To find more information and an example of obfuscated code, you can visit JdeObfuscator page.

More EnterpriseOne Tools
You may find more useful tools and solutions on the pages of ILDAM Development.